Access Control

Access Control involves the clear and controlled access to locations. Our Access Control System is designed to comply with the security procedures at organizations and residential estates. And can be tailored to your preference based on the assessment of the environment.

The vehicle access control solution helps to

  • Provide a tighter and increased control of movement in and out of your premises
  • Secure the physical access to buildings or sites
  • Conveniently permit authorized persons or vehicles to enter and exit premises
  • Deny entry to unauthorized persons
  • Prevent entry of contraband material, such as weapons, explosives, and tools, or the entry or exit of any other material restricted by security management
  • Notify security personnel of attempts to gain unauthorized access or to tamper with or bypass the access control equipment
  • Maintain database and records of access control system activity, user permissions, and facility configuration changes.

They are cost-effective solutions for protecting people and property without manned guard stations and frequent guard tours. Instead, access is automated and security events trigger alarms and notifications. You can visually verify and assess the events, and deal with them accordingly. Our solutions are easy to install, manage, modify, and expand.

Our Access Control Systems include

  • Barrier Access Control: This restricts unauthorized vehicles from entering a controlled area by blocking the route of travel. Barrier types are Drop Arm Barriers and Retractable or Automatic Bollards. The former is usually used in Estates and parking lots to control the entry and exit of authorized vehicles. While the latter is lowered into the ground to allow authorized or emergency vehicles to pass. These bollards return to full height after an authorized vehicle has been given access and in the event of a security threat.
  • Turnstiles: This controls and manages pedestrian access into a building or environment. Different types include Half-height/ tripod turnstile, sliding/ swing barrier turnstiles and Full-height turnstile.
  • Keycard Door Systems: This is typically used in offices, hospitals, banks or used for a room that is not meant to be accessible by everyone. It consists of a reader attached to the door and a card to give access to a limited number of people who are in possession of the card. The card can be a smart card, ID card, badges, Swipe cards or key fobs.