In the continuing fight against terrorism, Sahara’s Under Vehicle Surveillance System is the answer to one of the terrorists’ greatest threats – car bombs.

Our Under Vehicle Scanners is an integrated system solution addressing the need for detection of large vehicle bombs with a high vehicle through-put. Our surveillance solutions combine an automated touchless vehicle sampling system to detect and alert authorities when a threat is eminent.

UVSS Applications

This system is fully automated for continuous operation and is driven by an intuitive icon-based interface that is both user-friendly and highly reliable.

Our solutions can be adapted to suit site-specific architectural and various threat detection requirements. It can be effective in a wide range of applications: government facilities, facility installations, transportation terminals, industrial sites, security establishments, religious sites, embassies, office, and other facilities.

With our fast and effective method of viewing the underside of vehicles by providing the operator with a clear, high-resolution colour image of the underside of the vehicle within seconds of the vehicle having been driven over the scanner. Multiple scanners and displays network together for high volume traffic.