Aerial Surveillance

The DB-16 Aerostat System enables persistent day and night surveillance from 150 meters above ground and can go up to 100 miles line of sight. It provides a clear overview from an elevated position and covers a large area with a single sensor system. Other payloads may include communication relay or interception systems, radar and acoustic sensors or a combination of multiple sensors.

The operator will have full control of the sensor gimbal and the different camera functions using the hand-held controller to monitor unsafe/incident areas from a safe location. The DB-16 is operationally proven across the globe and is praised by on-scene commanders for providing situational awareness and its persistent surveillance capability.

The ground station will display the live video, a map for situation awareness and the telemetry data of the aerostat. Mission recording is available for video data as well as telemetry data. This system provides rapid and persistent surveillance of wide areas for security city watch, crowd control and intelligence gathering.

Point of Applications

  • City Watch
  • Crowd Control
  • Man Hunt
  • Event Security watch
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Large Construction Site Monitoring